CPA in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania Recommendation

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Hi folks

Are their any recommends for a CPA/Tax Accountant in the Lehigh Valley, PA area?



I'm looking for a CPA in the area also.  Please provide any recommendations.

@Mark Phillips @Yifan D.

I'm sure you've seen me post about this before, but don't be afraid to go non-local. You will expose yourself to a wider pool of expertise which is critical for real estate investors.

Many of us service clients all over the US and even world. We utilize various forms of technology to collaborate seamlessly with our clients and rarely have issues.

If you are set on using someone local, search the BP forums for investors local to you and reach out to ask for a referral. Or join a local FaceBook/ REIA group.

Here's a blog post that goes into detail questions to ask a CPA.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Brandon

This is good info. I've since found someone but I appreciate you reaching out.



Hi Mark,

Just following up on your above post...recently moved to Bucks county Pennsylvania and i am in search for a CPA familiar with real estate as well. I am open to exploring non local options but was wondering how things worked out with the person you found.

Many thanks,


Here is one in that area

Tax Reduction Network 

David M. Warrick 

as a member of DIG, there are a few accountants that are involved with DIG and as such have real estate investor clients. Ray Minich and John Hepner are just two such accountants (both are in Bucks County or really close), and there are others. 

You're welcome anything I can do to help

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