tax deduct firearms and personal protection

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I was reading some of @AmandaHan articles and An interesting thought came to my mind today. Let's say I have rental properties in dangerous neighborhoods or let's say some of my tenants are cash payers.  Obviously we would want rental properties in safe places and only take non cash payments.  But if I were to purchase a firearm and concealed carry license and training for the purpose of self defense, without going into the politics, could I tax deduct this expense? 

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It would need to be prorated based upon percentage of personal versus business. However it would also need to match the ordinary and necessary provisions. Is it necessary?  Is it something ordinarily done for landlords with war zone properties?

You know, I'm from Texas, so guns are not an issue with me.  :)  But, if you're having to collect cash, I would suggest a service like Pay Near Me, which allows payment of things like rent, in cash at local C-stores.  Just a thought, particularly since most of those scary people in the war zone areas have weapons of their own...and use them regularly!

I agree with @Hattie Dizmond  even though I am also a Texan and think that everyone should have their CHL.  The people in many of those neighborhoods have more firepower than I could conveniently carry and have less to lose by getting in a gunfight than I do so I wouldn't really want to do cash pickups in a war zone or even D grade neighborhood.  Now stopping to help the disabled guy in a wreck a couple miles from my house and finding out that the other car abandoned when we called the cops had a meth lab stashed in the trunk means you can't only be worried about war zone neighborhoods.

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