I'm looking for an RE Attorney in Sacramento, CA

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Hello BP

Do anyone know of a Investor Friendly Real Estate Attorney in the Sacramento area?

Thanks for you help.

@Pam J.    why would you need a RE attorney in CA... the only time we use attornies on the west coast is if we are being sued or suing someone. If its a simple RE transaciton title company handles and a good broker can lead you through it.  now if your doing complicated high dollar commercial transactions thats another story.

I've had good experience with BPE Law Group in Fair Oaks.  It was just a short consultation regarding a matter.  They specialize in RE are knowledgable, the owner also talks at some of the local RE clubls.  But again, my experience is not very extensive :)

Thanks for responding Jay & Sergey  Sergey, thanks a bunch for the name. I will be giving them a call. 

Hi Jay, I forgot to answer you. I am looking for legal advice for my business. Especially setting up my entity (LLC or Corporation) what is best for me and if I decide to bring in a partner. That's all.

Setting up your LLC is relatively simple and easy and should run you about $500. I would not recommend a CA LLC but go with a NV or DE. then just register in CA if you are doing business here.

@Hi LC Chase,

Can you please explain why I should not use a CA LLC? That is confusing to me. Also, wouldn't I still have to pay the $800 tax to FTB in 4 months? Also, I was going to just purchase an LLC online from QuickCorps. Do I need a operating agreement if it is just me?


First I am not an attorney- I am basing on 20 years experience and knowledge from myself and my partners and I am just helping out but the NV LLC will do a lot more to protect you and shelter you which I assume is why you are getting an LLC- a CA LLC is a waste of money- it does none of that. You will still have to register but NV is much much stronger for the use intended.

Yes you always need to have an operating agreement and follow the requirements in order to keep and maintain the protection (it's just a good idea anyway) In your LLC package you should get the EIN, Op Agreement, Certificates, and a list of documents and filings that you will need to operate

I'm getting an LLC because I cannot get access to transactional funding if I need to without one or entity. Seems like all the companies I call want me to have an LLC. I was hoping to find one that will just take my Fictitious Business name from the county I use to open my bank account and EIN from IRS. But the protection is good too.

If you need transactional funding I can refer you - you can give me a call 899-0371 I am local

Thanks LC!  at work right now, but  I will give you a call soon.

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