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Hey Minneapolis BP people, 

I just bought a duplex as an investment property in Minneapolis and was wondering:

1) If the recommendation is to do my own taxes or to hire a professional?

2) If I were to hire a professional does anyone have a recommendation for someone in the Minneapolis area (Preferably a tax person that has their own real estate investments)?

I have used Paul Strot for the last 2 years. He specializes in Real Estate Taxes and small business owners. He is reasonably priced and very knowledgable about what can and cannot be deducted. His office is out of Minnetonka. 

I would wager that a CPA could find more deductions and also provide peace of mind that your taxes are accurate, especially when this is new to you.

Check with @Adam Hardy   , CPA at Jenson & Co in Maple Grove. I met him through MNREIA and has rentals himself. 

And congrats on the duplex.

I would have to agree with @Susan Gillespie check out Adam Hardy.

Thank you all, 

I will use your recommendations. 

Thanks Bryan and Susan,
Congratulations on the new purchase. Please feel free to call me or email me and we can discuss your situtation.
Adam Hardy, CPA
763-425-5000, ext 2
[email protected]

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