Instrument of taking on property question

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Hey guys,

I am researching a home in the boston, ma area dorchester to be exact to get more information to see whether the owner would be motivated to sell. 

The property came up with a $1 dollar sale in 2005 but that was from one family member to another. I found that the original owner had died in 2007 is it possible that it was just done like that for a transfer? iT was purchased originally in the 70's and in 2005 transferred to a relatives name. 

In february of 2013 an instrument of taking was filed for non paid  taxes of around 2000. Does that mean the property has already been taken? or that it was just filed and not  yet taken? how can I check any taxes owed or just find more information pertaining to the home? no more documents have been uploaded to the mass public records since that instrument of taking form. 

Thanks in advance! 

Sherwin  Vargas

Not sure what MA does, but check with the Assessor to see if taxes are accruing, if they are, it's still privately owned, if not the state or taxing authority may have it. The Collector can tell you of the status as well. Interest may accrue so it could be much more in 14 years if it's still on the books, usually tax lien guys buy them up, except if the property has issues, like toxic waste or some burial ground thing.....LOL

@Sherwin Vargas   I agree, visit the Tax Assessor, they're the source and usually very helpful.

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