Sacramento fines?

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Being new, I ran into an interesting concern today with a seller that I have never dealt with before; hoping with the experience you have, you could assist me. 

When I asked if there were any liens against the property he was aware of, he said the city of Sacramento fined him for not installing the boards on the windows correctly, and a "monitering fee" each month for about a year. 

He said he was unable to pay them. 

Is this an issue a buyer should run from or just pay the fines for him?

@Leyla Simsek
I believe this is something the will get squared away during title and escrow switch over.

The house I just bought had a small lien from a utility company which got paid for out of the sellers profits on the house (they also had no money to put up for something like this).

I don't think it is a deal breaker by any means as long as it is coverable during escrow.

I am no expert, just my experience with something that sounds similar.

@Chris Vail  - Definitely appreciate it; you have more experience than me. Did you or your seller up his sales price to cover his liens? 

@Leyla Simsek  

No the price did not change, they ultimately just got less cash at the end of the deal as out of their potential profit the liens had to be paid. 

@Leyla Simsek

It can help you with negotiating with the seller. Normally it is paid on the sellers side in escrow. However, you can offer to pay the liens for a discounted price. Pm me.

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