What is a "Conversion" Deed - Texas

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While doing research on properties via the county appraisal district site I run across various deed types.  Many of them I understand (Warranty, Special Warranty,  Quit Claim, Tax Deed). 

Can anyone share the specifics of what a "Conversion" deed means as it relates to Texas real estate deeds?



@Karl James   Who are the parties to the deed? What are their addresses? You can usually garner state and county from the notary block if it is not stated more specifically elsewhere. What type of property is being transferred? Give me as many details as possible, and I will try to help you.

Without more information, I speculate the deed is from one company to another, or from a family member to a family member. There is no statutory Texas Conversion Deed. It is likely the result of an out of state attorney or title company doing business in Texas and they are unaware of the Texas title process.

@Josh James   Thanks for the reply.

The properties of current interest are a couple of vacant lots in a development that has a good deal of builder activity.  From what i can tell researching past deed activity,it appears to be owned by a corporation formed by a few family members that were hoping to get into the home building business - but haven't.  Last year the county filed a suit for past due taxes on the properties.  Since then, it appears the entity has been making monthly payments on the past due taxes.

Since I last posted, I talked to a representative at a title company (Boston National Title) that indicated their firm might be willing to issue title insurance if they could do sufficient title opinion work to get comfortable.

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