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We have three mortgaged properties and we are forming a series LLC for protection . We are also planning to buy another property .My understanding was that after forming a LLC the loans do not show up on your personal credit . My question is .... after all is done will these mortgages still show up on our credit report ? We were planning to buy and then include in the LLc series. If the loans will show up we will not be able to get another loan because of the high debt to income ratio .Is there a way we can purchase another rental with a high D/I ratio ?

Thanks BP

I'm not an attorney, but I don't think you'd be able to transfer ownership to the LLC w/o liquidating the mortgage or getting the bank's permission - and what motivation would they have to transfer the obligor from you, after having undergone rigorous underwriting, to a new LLC w/ no operating history or credit rating?

You're going to have due-on-sale problems -- I'll leave it to you to search this forum for that hotly debated topic.

If your mortgage is in your personal name, it's always going to be on your credit report regardless of how the property is titled. In fact, anything commercial with a personal guaranty should be on your personal report, too, but often commercial lenders don't report it. 

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