How much do you pay your accountant?

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I am in the processes of shopping around for an accountant that can advise for a fix and flip business. I found a guy that sounds extremely knowledgeable, came highly recommended, and works primarily with real estate investors. On the low end, though, he charges $3,500 per year for full services, with it increasing as the scope of the business grows.

It'd be great to hear how much people pay for their accountants and how much that bill increase as the business scales. 

It's unique for each client. I refer to ATPP (accounting tax payroll partners) Google them and ask for maya. She will be able to give you an estimate.

I pay $50 an hour. She is amazing but unfortunately she is retire soon.

I pay about $700 per year per company.  This is for tax returns and no other services like payroll. I am very happy with my accountant and have written about him on my blog. He know real estate and has great service, Goodwich Stoller and Associates. I was just talking to another landlord that said he was paying about $3500 per year per company. 

Here is some information on average CPA fees for FY 2013. Hope this helps.

About $800 per year...


Thanks everybody. This definitely helps. I'll check out all the resources that have been mentioned.

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