Looking for RE attorney in So. Cal

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Looking for someone to assist in setting up private money notes.

Hi John,

I'm a lender in Southern CA and I have previously asked around for an Attorney referral to help me formalize my private money lending.  When looking for referrals, I heard each of the following names at least twice from people who I respect.  So far I have only spoken with Dennis Doss, but I plan on speaking with the others shortly.

http://www.dosslaw.com/ - Dennis sounds like one of the most experienced Attorneys, but I was told that he is about double what the other Attorneys would charge (don't know if this is true or not).  I enjoyed speaking with Dennis, but I felt like I might be a good bit smaller than his typical client.  

http://www.geracilawfirm.com/ - Planning on speaking with him next.

http://sdirahandbook.com/ - Mat Sorensen / Mark Kohler

http://www.syndicationlawyers.com/ - Kim Taylor / Jillian Sidoti: I have heard them speak on forming Syndications and I have heard good things about their practice.

Send me a PM if you would like to compare notes sometime.  I think lending is a great way to earn an income if you do it right.  I don't know what your experience is, but I will say that one bad deal can wipe out many good deals (ask me how I know!).  There are for sure sharks in this arena, be careful!

Scott Williams

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@Scott Williams  Thanks for the info Scott.  I am in the beginning stages.  I will get back to you when I get deeper into this.  Understood in the risk aspect.  


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