Best Real Estate Tax Book

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Before I graduated I took a taxation class. Don't get me wrong it was great. Learned a lot about a lot, but absolutely nothing about taxation on Real Estate transactions. Does anybody have any books they would recommend to learn this aspect of the business?

Very general question for you @Steven Hamilton II  , what is a going rate for a tax accountant that is more specialized in the Real Estate field?

That is a great question, that will depend upon where in the US you are located. Rates in NY will be greater than rates in your locale. 

@Steven Hamilton II   all of my locations would be rural bible belt America. Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi. I have some incredibly bright friends that work for pretigious accounting firms currently, but I don't know 1) if I want to hinge very good friendships on business, & 2) if that would put them in a conflict of interest situation of some sort.

Real Estate Loopholes 

By Diane Kennedy, CPA and Garret Sutton, ESQ. Foreword by Robert Kiyosaki 

This is an excellent real estate tax primer but does not replace the need for a good CPA.


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