Should I confront my CPA?

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Last year, I switched to a very real-estate-savvy CPA in old (as in old money) Pasadena. I sent him my 11 HUD statements for this year, and I asked if someone in his office could help me enter one of them into my new Quick Books program. Then I could do the others and send in the QB file. He said "No, just let his people set it up." Now I got a bunch of Excel analyses which were imported into Quick Books and a bill for $2400. So I didn't save on my CPA bill, I didn't learn how to use QB, and I still have to complete all of my other expenses. (So there will be follow-up bill.)

Does this seem like an excessive bill or am I being too cheapskate?

This is pocket lining, in my opinion. 

Find a CPA that is willing to empower his clients. Nothing wrong with having his staff do the first one for $100 and leaving you a template to do the rest. 

A CPA that helps his clients grow on the front end, in exchange for billing less, is rewarded with a larger (and happier) client down the road. 

Loyalty to your clients is everything.

I think confront is not the word to use.  But you do want to talk to him.

You should explain to him exactly what you just conveyed to us.  I don't enjoy working with someone that does not like to see my point of view. 

It would be nice to know what his motivation was.  Was it driven by his desire for revenue or by the fact that he wanted it done his way?  Talk to him about it in a non-confrontational way.  Make sure he understands what you are trying to do.  If he can't come into alignment with you then you may need to switch again.

I would definitely talk to him as well as better understand his pricing structure.  I admit I've got a CPA that does things cheap, but I had 3 entered for $25, then they charged me $100 for a mini class over the phone.  

I've asked for the same thing I think you are wanting.  Let me figure out how to do the day to day stuff, and I"ll ask them for the more complex stuff.  Sounds like your guy is just high priced no matter how you slice it.

here is an example of my last bill for $125.

I completely think you should have a conversation with him. You did not authorize that service to be performed unless you confirmed to let them do all of it.

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