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I started flipping and picked up my first rental last year. I need to find a new accountant. I'm looking for someone in Houston, TX. Preferably someone on the West Side. 

@Matt Dowell  

Don't feel like you need to use someone local. Many of us have clients located all over the place. The majority of accounting/CPA tasks can be completed remotely, including preparing and filing tax returns. Consultations and meetings can even be done remotely utilizing a video chat service such as Skype.

Be sure to find an accountant that fits your needs. Some accountants will simply perform accounting/tax services. Others will step it up a notch and provide a "complete package" and really act as a trusted advisor for your business.

If you are set on finding an accountant/CPA local to you, contact your state board:

If you have any questions, or if there is anything I can help you with, don't hesitate to ask.

Hi @Matt Dowell ,
I am not accountant myself but i recently switch accountant and can definitely recommend few contacts. Please pm me if you are interested.

I second what @Brandon Hall  said - don't feel compelled to use a local person. I've been using the same Enrolled Agent/CPA since 2006 for my businesses in Calif and my rentals in Indy, as well as my tax needs as a foreign national living abroad. Coincidentally, she has recently relocated her business to TX. If you're interested in her info, send me a message, and I'll forward you her contact info.

Hi Sharon, I am in a similar situation to you in that I have a fair bit of investment activity in the US and also live abroad. Does your CPA also handle bookkeeping? I would love to be in touch with her if you don't mind forwarding her details.

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