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Hi All,

So I'm late on the W9 with the tax season closing soon. My contractor said he's ok with the W9 since he'll be doing 1099. I just called the company that did the plumping, which their ok with it took. About half hour ago, I talked to the roofing company. They told me they don't do taxes. I'm lost on that, since I spend 5.6k on roof last year to have it replace. Is roofing itself tax deductible? 

Also should I should I do 1099 on these?

Pest - Termites done ($1500)

Electric - Amp box upgrade ($1200)

Moving forward anyone doing work for me will fill out a W9.....its just good business practice.  Anyone that refuses is trying to evade taxes imo.....and you can suffer from that if audited.

I would send it anyway (without tax id) to at least show that you've tried, and keep any correspondence showing their refusal to provide it to you.  Your still at risk of being penalized, but at least work on building your case in the event anything ever comes up.  And make sure that they (contractor) knows that you intend to wave the flag in your defense and throw him under bus, and tax evasion is a No-no! LOL  Maybe you can scare it out of him......if its a corporation a little digging would probably dig it up for you.....

And agree with Eddie...just make it standard practice to get it on the front end moving forward.

Just my two cents...

Thanks, I'll send it out anyways then.

Originally posted by @Shuai Zeng :

About half hour ago, I talked to the roofing company. They told me they don't do taxes. 

Don't 'do taxes'? Oy. I would definitely attempt to get a paper trail on this conversation, as suggested above, and never work with these clowns again. Shady folks!

Well, I'm sending then W9 for fill out. If they refuse to send it or ignore it. I'll just sign out 1099 without the SSN. 

Another question came up. The electrician told me that he would not do the 1099 or W9. Because I bought the deal through angies list. So any suggestion?  

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