Where should I do my taxes?

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I have always been a turbo tax user. I got married in 2014. That is the only thing that has changed. I'm puzzled as I entered all of our info into both turbotax and taxact and got extremely different results. 

Turbotax: No federal refund. State 200 back.

Taxact:Federal 500. State I owe 2500. 

I have double/triple checked everything and it is all entered the same... Hence I am thinking I should probably go with a professional this year. 

Only weird thing my wife was a nanny for a few months and the family DID NOT set up an EIN and remove taxes like they are supposed to. They paid her cash under the table yet claimed the as a deduction on their end. From what we have read the IRS is cracking down on that. But just like last year we claimed she "owned a business from home". 

Last year we both got a large amount back. (separately) 

I would take both copies to an accountant and get a professional opinion. A friend did that with her turbo tax version of events and he found her big $$. 

Really should use a cpa. They can not only help you with last year, but they can also advise you on how to better handle your funds for taxes this year. Invaluable if you are making big returns.

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