Recommendation for CPA/EA and/ or tax attorney near nashville TN

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would greatly appreciate recommendations for CPA or EA and tax attorney in the Nashville TN, area. Should be experienced in small business. I would like advice as to whether I should change structure of business from a service professional C corp to another structure, eg LLC and implications for franchise/excise tax and contributions to solo 401k etc... Also advice on tax issues surrounding renting out part of home (owner occupied)... Should one depreciate or not, what is deductible, what is required maintenance cost vs improvement (eg HVAC replacement). Am planning to invest in real estate, so would also have expertise in that area

Would prefer in area, but am open to out of State as long as there is good communication. 

many thanks in advance for any advice!!


If you haven't listened to Bigger Pockets Podcast 109 I highly recommend it!  It offered some terrific advice for how to legally set up your business.  I know the attorney guest on that podcast would be an out of state option.  I'm from Nashville but I don't have any good local recommendations as I have been out of state the last few years.  I'm considering moving back soon, what is the market like on your side of town?

Nestor CPA Services, Inc.

256 Seaboard Lane, Suite D-101
Franklin, Tennessee 37067


@marion k

Try David Horlacher.  2424 21st Ve Nashville. Close to I. 440. 615-256-2127

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