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Hey BP!

First time investor here. I've found a property and I'm interested in putting in an offer. However, the Colorado contract is pretty foreign to me and seems to be less than straightforward. I have been working with an agent, but he had no part in finding this property for me and because of that I'd like to avoid paying typical commission if possible. Is that reasonable? What are my options for counseling here to make sure I do this right? It's being financed conventionally with a VA guaranteed loan if that makes a difference.



Hi Brendan,

Has the property been listed by agent? If so, the seller has already agreed to pay a buyer's agent commission, and if one is not involved, then it's very likely the listing agent will get to keep both commissions. So you are only doing yourself a disservice by not being represented by an agent. 

If the property is not listed with an agent, then there are quite a few agents out there who will do paperwork only for you for several hundred. Or you can also talk to a real estate attorney to have them write up the contract for you but they may or may not be slightly more expensive.

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