Texas Real Estate Law: Lawyer will answer general questions

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I am a Texas lawyer with over 30 years. I will answer general questions about Texas real estate law on this forum. Usually answers will be posted within 48 hours. I cannot respond to questions about specific transactions or situations on this forum. These will be general answers for educational purposes only. Answers cannot be relied upon for any specific transaction or situation because every matter is unique. Responding to questions is a community service, and does not make you a client of mine. It's a free education but not free advice. If you want advice and counseling about specific real estate law questions you can network with me. I will also be writing a blog about similar topics.

Sounds like a great thread!  Thanks for volunteering your expertise!

You're welcome. Spread the word!

Does a real estate portal doing serial offerings need to register as a RIA according to the State Securities Board?

Securities law is a specialty unto itself. When those kinds of questions come up I call in a securities lawyer.

Our securities attorney is working with them already.  I just thought you may have an opinion ;-)

@David Hannah

Not sure if you are still checking this thread but new investor here. Looking at a multi-family that is currently occupied by Section 8 tenants. Good cash flow but the property is located a block from a private university and I'm considering upgrading and converting it into student housing. Are there laws around terminating leases with Sectin 8 tenants that I should be aware of? I've been working on the assumption that when their leases end, I would just not offer to renew.

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