Auditing Requirements For CPAs

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Does someone have a sheet or summary of licensing requirements for CPAs for audits?  If there is something that exists by state that would be of the most interest.  

Another question....if a CPA is in one state and a project or company is in a different state can they still perform an audit?  If an entity does projects in many states would they need to find a CPA licensed in each state?  

CPA's are licensed in the state they reside. Most states offer mobility privileges so that they can service clients who have out of state operations. State dependent though.

Also, you were not specific in your requirements.  There are firms that specialize in small corps about to become public for SEC audits, there are firms that audit HOAs, and on and on...Alsi most furms, it is actually a staff auditor that may or may not have their CPA licensure that actually performs the audit.  The CPA partner usually inly signs off on the audit.

A firm performing an audit under AICPA guidelines would have a peer review performed and should be able to provide you with their peer review completion certificate. Most auditing guidelines are not set by the state, but by the AICPA. 

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