Need Attorney for Multi-Party Contract

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Hi, I'm a new investor who has listened to almost all of the BP podcasts and have read a significant amount of information regarding real estate investing. This is my first post and I look forward to the help that this great community provides.

I'm in the process of forming a partnership with two to three individuals to flip houses and need an experienced attorney to help create a fair and comprehensive contract. 

I live in NYC and we will be purchasing in Austin, TX. I'm curious if I should hire someone in the NYC area so we can meet face-to-face OR hire someone in Austin who is more familiar with Texas real estate law?

Can anyone advise? Additionally, any suggested attorneys would be appreciated.


Hey Marek,

First off, welcome to BP! Hope you stick around and learn from all the different resources this site has to offer. As far as your question goes, my best advice is to utilize an attorney that is well versed in real estate law as well as barred in the state you are looking to invest in. There are too many variables to trust someone who 'might' know what they're talking about vs. someone who knows exactly what they're talking about. Hope this helps!

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