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Hi, does anyone have a recommendation of a Real Estate Attorney in San Antonio?

@Andy H. Thanks! Lol!! I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working for me....I was using # instead of @. I really appreciate it!!

@Seth Teel Incase you didn't see my earlier post....just wanted to say Thank You for the attorney names.

@Shabyna Stillman

 Thanks, hope those contacts workout for you.  I have been happy with both lawyers.

Originally posted by @Seth Teel :

@Shabyna Stillman

 Thanks, hope those contacts workout for you.  I have been happy with both lawyers.

 what kind of investing do you do? We wholesale properties.

@Britney Gaudet We wholesale and are also looking for properties to rehab. Our long term goal is buy and hold.

@shabyna stillman We're just starting out and plan to start making deals in Texas starting January. do you have any advice on how to get started there? attornies, buyers, how to find great sellers? 

@Britney Gaudet Is there a specific area in Texas you'll be focusing on? Will you just be looking to do wholesale? My suggestion is first to make contact here on BP with members from say, San Antonio (under Forum Categories) and you'll see what areas they are interested in (buyers list). Also join a RE meeting group. @Seth Teel recommended an attorney here that I contacted (info in this thread). I would also use different marketing techniques to find sellers - letters, postcards etc. If you need any more help, feel free to send me a message.

im not 100% decided on a county, but probably Austin. I'll be focusing on wholesaling to start. once i get comfortable ill branch out into other areas of investing.

Thanks for all the tips! i really appriciate it=)

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