CPA in Austin, TX with Real Estate Knowledge?

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HI there, I'm looking for a CPA in Austin, TX that knows (and potentially invests) in real estate.  Also, I'm looking for one that would be willing to share their knowledge and discuss real estate strategies.  Please let me know if you have anyone you would like to recommend.

Cheaper to get a book.  Safer, you have a second opinion.  Get a book written by Nolo or other lawyer/authors or a professor of a business school...a book in its 3rd edition.  Or tax people like HRBlock.  Or read the IRS publications...I should say AND, because it is always good to read what the IRS says in any instance.

Doug Tidwell may be able to help. I've never worked with him, but I know he does work with investors on their strategy.

Mark Puzdrak at CRI is a good resource for this.  If you IM me I can introduce you two.  

I'm going to strongly disagree with Marian. 

A good CPA is invaluable- and goes to school for 5 years and passes an exam comparable to the BAR. 

Your Real estate team needs experts. Find a good CPA they will protect you, save you money, and provide value to your business. 

H&R block is just tax prepares. I Just fixed a return where H&R block had a client pay an additional $14k of tax for no reason on the sale of a primary residence. 

You get what you pay for. It applies to almost everything related to real estate and is no different here. 

Originally posted by @Natalie Kolodij :

I'm going to strongly disagree with Marian. 

A good CPA is invaluable- and goes to school for 5 years and passes an exam comparable to the BAR.

I agree with Natalie. If nothing else, if one is studying tax law when will one have time to do deals? Knowing tax law is important; but, to a point. There is so much involved in our taxes that, unless one is entrenched in the tax law, it could get an investor in trouble. 

Better to spend our time investing so the cost of a CPA is mitigated.

PS: I like your tag line, Natalie. "What I lack in experience I make up for in drive."

I use Jim Silvis, who lives & works out of Leander.     PM me if you can't find him online and want his contact info.

Having both a BBA and an MBA in finance and 28 hours of accounting, I used to always consider myself pretty astute at taxes as with other financial matters, and did my taxes with Turbo Tax forever.     Then, I was hit w/ an IRS demand letter  last year for taxes on some restricted stock activity that I missed in '10.   I was unable to rebuild my old Turbo Tax return and bake in the missing sales, so in frustration I turned to Jim, who was/is a long-time friend.     He not only make the tax go away, but he asked me a lot of questions and refiled my taxes to get enough of a refund that more than paid for his services.   After that, I realized that a good CPA can easily create more value than they charged.   I gave up on Turbo Tax, and Jim is doing them from now on - he did a great job on my 2014 return.

Thanks everyone.  I believe a good CPA is worth their weight in gold.  If there's one that also invest in real estate then all the better.  I'm trying to build a team and frankly speaking, want nothing to do with keeping up with current tax codes.  I do have the desire to protect my income so I've accepted the fact that in order to develop a strategy with this goal in mind, then I will have to learn the ropes to a certain degree.  Thanks again!


Did you ever get a hold of the CPA?  I'm in the market for someone similar.  



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