Flipping houses in washington and oregon as LLC

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Huge question...well at least for me it is. I will be performing most repairs (carpenter) on my flip houses under my new LLC. Can i do this without having a contractors license? if i cant, then how can i buy and flip houses while avoiding getting my contractors license? I am a carpenter by trade and do not want to deal with L & I. this is in washington and oregon.

You must have a contractors license.  After July 24th, that requirement is no longer in effect.  The Governor signed it in April.  This is House Bill 1749, see below link and confirm this for yourself.  You can perform the flip for now and take the risk, hire a licensed GC, your choice.  Regardless, I would recommend insurance to cover yourself if you are not hiring a GC (who would have insurance).  


Can't reply for Oregon.  

man thats so awesome!!  thank you.  cant wait for july 24th!!

along with a million other people.  dang it!!

Just to be clear, from my reading of the amended language, the new requirement is that you either

1. Be a licensed contractor


2. Hire a licensed contractor

@DeWayne Mann

@Brian Fouts

Ok.  so as its read, yes, your right brian.  

(c) "Contractor" also includes any person, firm, corporation, or  other entity covered by this subsection (1), whether or not  registered as required under this chapter or who are otherwise required to be registered or licensed by law, who offer to sell their  property without occupying or using the structures, projects,  developments, or improvements for more than one year from the date  the structure, project, development, or improvement was substantially  completed or abandoned. A person, firm, corporation, or other entity  is not a contractor under this subsection (1)(c) if the person, firm,  corporation, or other entity contracts with a registered general contractor and does not superintend the work.

I aint no dang lawyer and its still unclear to me.  or just stupid!!

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