Can someone recommend a tax appeal attorney- Gainesville FL

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hi -

Recently, I found out about tax appeal for my properties (thanks CC Wong). I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations as a start to find an attorney. 


Hi Daria,

From my understanding, using an attorney for property tax appeals, is one way to go. You also may want to look into Property tax consultants who often are hired by attorneys to handle the appeals. Depending on the area your properties are located, I may be able to recommend someone for you. 

Hi @Donna Carroll

I'm new to this process. Do you know of anyone here where I live that I can begin a dialogue?

I was under the impression that this was just for an attorney - I didn't know they farmed out the work. If it's a cost savings any little bit helps.

My property is localed in Gainesville with me.


Daria, I've been advised that property tax consultants can work long distance and from what I understand it is what they do with the majority of their clients. They do not have to be local unless that is what you prefer. There is a particular company here in California that works the property appeals and has for several years. If long distance communication will work for you then I will send you their info. 

Thanks @Allison Karrels it's a start in-town.

@Donna Carroll

I'm not sure if this is something that can be done long distance. The logistics may be that something needs to happen from me quicker than the electronic form can allow or may require me to appear with the attorney. If that's the case, long distance may not work.

@Daria B.

I can understand your apprehension, especially if you are new to the appeal process. The time you would need to appear would be if you represented yourself and/or if you chose to attend the hearing with your "Agent" (someone who is representing you at the hearing). 

More often than not, appeals are settled prior to a hearing. And more often than not, it's quicker to handle paperwork electronically or via regular mail than wasting time driving yourself back and forth. If you change your mind or would like to feel out other options, let me know. Good luck! 

At this rate I'm new to the process and want to learn at the same time move forward with investigating whether I can get my properties taxes lowered.

Really @Donna Carroll my thoughts of staying local were that I like to deal with people face-2-face. In the event that is not really necessary or possible, and if it's just a conversation, then I would be open to finding out costs, procedures from your referral source.

I have one source from @Allison Karrels time permitting this week I will give him a call to find out if this is in his purview.