Looking for a CPA in Charleston Area

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Hey Board,

I'm putting some feelers out to see if anyone in the Charleston, SC area has a good CPA that they would recommend?  My wife and I have been using a guy in Columbia for the past 5 years but he has closed his firm so we're looking for someone closer to home.  We live in Mt. Pleasant but I'm open to anyone in the Charleston area. 

In the past we've only used our CPA for tax filing purposes but now that we're looking to get into the real estate (buy and hold) market, I want to find someone who can give us some guidance there too. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Chris O'Neal at Moody CPAs & Advisers in Mt. Pleasant.  I sent you his email address privately.

Steve Clem at the Clemcolabrative is wonderful. Does all my CPA work and is a genius. 

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