Personal property left in home from tax lien sale

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This concerns real estate in the state of South Carolina.

In South Carolina we have delinquent tax sales which you bid on at auction. There is a one year redemption period where the previous owner can redeem and pay the taxes, After one year the county will issue you a deed for property. I have gotten several properties in this fashion, all vacant and empty or with obvious garbage. Now I find myself with 2 properties with left behind belongings. All I have found relates to landlord/tenant law in regards to abandoned property. Cannot find specific law regarding what to do with property here in SC. Do I send a certified letter giving them notice to claim or otherwise will dispose?

Example: "House A" has property which does not appear to be of much value - but one mans trash is another's treasure right? Don't know if estimated value is an issue. House has been vacant for well over a year. No meter.

"House B" is actually land which had a house but burned down. Has a storage building in back of lot. Neighbor states owner took insurance money and left about 2 years ago. Opening the building I find an older model car as well as a bunch of boxes of property. Did not snoop around too much. Put new lock on door and left. I have read that I can call sheriff about car; guess they document and or arrange it to be towed? The leftover property may be considered of some value (not great),

It seems like they have been notified repeatedly from county about delinquent taxes and impending loss of land/home over the past years time. I would think if they wanted their things they would have gotten it by now. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks!

I know this isn't the advice you want to hear, but it's the right advice: you need to talk to an attorney in your area who understands your local laws, and can explain how they apply in your particular situation.

Yes, attorneys aren't free, but they're also a saying about free legal advice: it's usually worth what you pay for it ;-)

Hi Joshua,

Thank you for the reply.  No, your advice is spot on; what I was kind of figuring.  I have gotten other responses which vary wildly and from that have come to realize that I need to get specific legal advice for my area.  Thanks!

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