Need an attorney and accountant in Tulsa Oklahoma

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I currently have 2 rentals (single family homes) and have joined up with someone who has complimentary skills, and will begin acquiring more buy and holds. I'd like to have an attorney and accountant who are familiar with real estate investing help us get setup, and we're in Tulsa Oklahoma. 

Does anyone from Oklahoma have suggestions? Thanks!

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This post has been removed.

I've heard good things about David Dryer (attorney). 

@Stephen Lassiter

Sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with Mr. Brune. We have dealt with him directly only a few occasions, but have found him to be very knowledgeable and competent. We have dealt more frequently with another of their attorneys, Timothy Houchin, who is also an adjunct law professor at the University of Tulsa.

You make a fairly serious allegation - namely, that Mr. Brune is encouraging clients to violate federal fair housing law. Is it possible you misunderstood him in some way? I find it difficult to believe that an attorney with his resume would do that. If your allegation is true, why not report it to the Tulsa bar association instead of BiggerPockets?

We will research further, but at this time we stand by our recommendation.

There is no way I misunderstood Ken Brune. He told me not to rent to women because they are harder on properties. Only Ken knows why he told me that after he told me the clock is running and he's billing me for his time. He also was not aware until I asked that I would need to provide a lead paint disclosure and EPA-approved pamphlet on lead paint to my tenants because my property was built in 1916. I just can't have any confidence in a lawyer who I, the client, am teaching about real estate. Maybe I should report it to the bar association. I didn't report it then because I was so angry and I just wanted to be done with it to get rid of that negative energy from my frustration. Not to mention, it was so surreal, I couldn't believe it actually happened.

Thanks for your responses everyone! I'll do some more research on those names and put out some calls. 

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