Need an Attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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I just bought my first Single Family rental and plan on buying more in the future. Can anyone refer an Attorney in this area that specializes in real estate. 

I am looking for an Attorney that will evaluate contracts, partnerships, and provide legal advise and guidance as I am beginning my journey in real estate investing. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Congrats on your first purchase!  I am investing in the OKC metro area rather than Tulsa, so do not have a specific name to recommend to you.

I just met with an attorney last week and found him in my Sunday school class of all places.  He also provided me with a CPA name that saved him a bunch of taxes, so I will be calling him tomorrow to see what he can do for me.

I am stating the obvious here, but let folks around you know what you are doing and what your goals are and see what comes your way.  

I'm buying and selling in OK. I use LegalShield for advice, document review, etc. They've been really helpful with no money out-of-pocket for the above. I'm going to be calling them next week to ask for a recommendation on finding a local RMLO.