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I'm new to real estate and looking to buy a private residence in Indiana, followed by some buy-and-hold properties. My basic education so far has indicated that a real estate attorney or escrow officer is needed to close on a deal. As I'm trying to build a team of people that can help me in real estate, I was wondering what type of agent do you need to close deals in Indiana (e.g. attorney, realtor etc.)




I always use a title company and not a lawyer.  I have purchased 100's of homes and never had a problem.


Mitch - you should be able to find an investor friendly title company near you.

I would suggest calling several real estate offices and ask to speak to their resident investor specialist.  Ask them who they use.  Plus, while you're on the phone with them, see if they are a fit to help you find local deals.

This is great information. Thank you Chris and Shawn

I have a great team in place for Indiana. I have my own real estate license which helps. Message me and I would be more than happy to give you any connections that I have.

I just had my loan go through and I'm buying a fsbo home through a title company. It seems to be easier this way.

Congrats on the deal Jack! That's solid confirmation on the title Co. 

@Mitchell Zischke As others have stated you shouldn't need a lawyer in most cases.. Title companies usually have one on staff to look over the documents as well. You didn't say where you were going to purchase these properties, so go with what @Shawn Holsapple stated and call some local Realtors and ask for investor agents. Then pick their brain on who to use... Don't be afraid to get 2-3 references from different agents/companies as well...

Best of luck!

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