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Sorry if posted before... I looked at related topics and found nothing, so....

would it be legal to talk with your mailman/woman and ask them to let you know about homes whose mailbox might be stuffed to the max, or maybe homes that look to be vacant.  And then if you found the owner through the address tax records, and ended up buying the home.  Then you would have a deal where any homes you bought you would pay the mail carrier say...$500.


Greg Horn

Hey @Greg Horn I'd love to know what you find out as well. I thought about the same thing based on how much intimate neighborhood knowledge those guys and gals have. My concern would be the fact that they are government employees and I wouldn't be surprised if there is some sort of privacy act issue at hand there. I'd love if a lawyer might be able to chime in and provide their 2 cents. Great question.

Here's a "Me too" subscription to this thread - seems like "everyone" agrees that this is a great method for sourcing deals, but no one seems to know the details of the legalities involved (if any). I just moved into a neighborhood where the mail carrier is really good friends with my neighbors. Next time I see him, I'm going to bring it up and ask if he know's of any rules (or where they might be published)... of course I'll try to recruit him for deal sourcing, too! If I can get some clarity, I'll report back.

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