Free Small Business Checking Account

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Hello BP family,

I searched but didn't find a thread that listed free (or nearly free) business checking accounts so I decided to start one.

For folks in Houston, Bank of Texas is absolutely free. And I do mean free. No minimum balance, no service fee. And they have a few branches conveniently located.  I looked around before but all others seem to have some fee/catch attached.

Here's the link to it:

Do other folks have recommendations for their city/state? Would be good to share with the BP community.



We use Trustmark National Bank for this in Alabama, Mississippi, and NW Florida.
Thank you for the tip! I recently inquired about business checking at Frost Bank (only in Texas). They are willing to waive the min balance for a year and help extend it 6 months after that so you will have time to meet the min balance requirement so you can void out the fee. Fee is $5.00 a month Balance requirement: $5,000+ combined with all personal and business accounts.

Al how is Trustmark with Investment purchase deals, I Heard they work with investors?

Tyrobe, we start with Trustmark for all of our Alabana financing. We have found them to be helpful and easy to deal with.