Looking for an accountant in missouri

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Chester E. List, C.P.A., MBA

Stephen J. Morice & Associates, P.C.

8700 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63144

O 314.647.3005

F 314.647.4624

E[email protected]

Tax advising and accountant for $1mil+ portfolios

Megan Robinson

UHY Advisors, Maplewood

O 314.615.1213

E [email protected]

Hi @TonyB

What type of accountant are you looking for? A general accountant, a bookkeeper, a tax accountant? Or perhaps you can share what you are looking for this accountant to do for your business? 

I belong to several national accounting groups, and would be happy to provide recommendations, but it would be helpful to know what your needs are. 


I'm looking for a CPA to assist with my investment business.  Primary handle tax returns, review entity structures for tax planning and help with 1031.  

Tony N. - I'm a new CPA, and in Joplin MO, so I'm not sure I would be much help to you. With that being said, I'm looking for an experienced CPA or reputable firm to get some real estate accounting experience with. Let us know who you end up going with and why.