escape clause words needed

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There is a thread in another forum,
"about to sign for home sustain injury
...a week away from making settlement on home...when mother suffered a spinal cord injury. They had put a down payment on the house. The builders told them if they back out they loose the down payment... is there a way, legally, they can opt out of the agreement without loosing the down payment? "

Interestingly, a couple of weeks ago, prior to putting an offer on a house, I had said to my agent: I'm old and not in great health. What happens to this if I die before closing? She looked at me stunned, and said, well, I guess your kids complete it.
That is NOT what they would want, and since closing would be delayed, could be so much more extremely expensive.

What words can I have inserted in a contract to "escape" a contract in case of injury, illness, or death?

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