What questions should I ask to interview good tax people?

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I am getting ready to meet with my first CPA specifically for real estate investing.   I want to make sure that I am starting out right with all my tax ducks in a row.  What questions would be good to ask a tax person to determine if they are a right fit, and knowledgable about real estate investing?  Beyond that, what other information about a finding a good CPA should I know or look for?  Thanks in advance!

Oh awesome, exactly what I need!  Thanks, I will go check it out.

I strongly suggest you hire someone who ones investment real estate themselves.  The tax rules are really complex and always changing in investment real-estate and an accountant who owns some himself will naturally know the rules better and more intuitively know if you might have missed a deduction or expense.  Good luck! 

@Cameron Skinner Good point.  There is a lot of talk about how we should choose agents who own investment properties, so why not with other specialists on our teams?  Thanks for the tip.  I think that alone nixes the guy I was thinking about, even though he is very smart. Thanks

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