Self directed IRA and Solo 401k options for REI

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Hello Everyone:

I am looking at IRA Financial Group for a solo 401k and/or a self directed IRA.

Does anyone have any experience using IRA Financial Group? Any opinions about other available providers?

Thanks, Chuck

Hi Chuck, 

I'm in the process of setting up a self-directed IRA LLC with IRA Financial Group. I did my homework and am thrilled that I chose this company. Their customer service has been outstanding! Each step in the process has been clearly outlined and every staff member has quickly responded to any question I have. I'm 100% satisfied to date.

Please let us know where you end up. 

I have worked with Quest IRA. They have outstanding informational and networking mixers. They even have an informational CRUISE. Lots of classes to learn and mix with lenders and investors. Great knowledgeable people answer your questions immediately. I do NOT work for them in any way, just great folks.

I use Sense Financial for my Solo 401K, Quest IRA for my self-directed IRA (for Roth funds that couldn't transfer into my Solo 401K, and I didn't have enough to justify fees for an IRA LLC). Both providers are great, and I'd use them again.

Thanks everyone for their replies!

Robin: How much did they help you in setting up the necessary LLC? It would be super if you posted here or messaged me on your progress and satisfaction with IFG as you get things completed.

Mark: I see you run your own company offering competing services with IRA Financial Group. What things would you call out as differentiators with IFG and your other competitors?

Anyone out there who is using Mark's company who would like to comment on their experiences?


@Chuck Van Court Hi Chuck. Since you mentioned "Solo 401k and/or self-directed IRA," I'll just comment on this. Generally, if you're eligible for a Solo 401k, that is the way to go since it has so many advantages over a self-directed IRA / IRA LLC. Eligibility requires that you have some self-employment activity and no full-time, non-owner W2 employees in your business.

I recently used IRA financial. I think they did a good job, no complaints on my end. There's been difficulties setting up my checking account at the local bank and rollover of my funds from Fidelity. The part IRA financial did for me was all done well and they were quick to respond to any questions I had.

Why not go local? Real Trust IRA is local, works with real estate investors and investors of all types. I have three with them and many of our clients are with them. Owner is great, a real estate attorney, and great customer service.

Originally posted by @Mark Nolan :

@Chuck Van Court

That is a good question. When choosing a solo 401k provider, I recommend to prospective clients to read the following blog from my one of many blogs on Bigger Pockets.

Mark, the link to the IRS Excel list in your blog post is quite old (about 4 years). Do you have a link to the updated list?

Chuck Van Court I use pensco. I believe they are headquarters out of Denver. Everybody is different but what I needed was competent customer service. I rarely call them but when i do I find whomever picks up the phone knows what they're doing. Even my Cpa was impressed which is hard to do! However other things like fees or cruises are not important to me. So if fees are important I don't believe they're the cheapest. I set up a check book account and use it for private lending. Again if you need it for rentals I have no experience in that arena. Good luck

My sincere thanks for all of your input.  I appreciate you taking the time!

I will keep everyone posted on my journey in setting up a solo 401k plan to help finance my transition into REI.

Lots of interesting learning going on for me.  

Hi Chuck, 

Since I posted on 9/16, my LLC has been established and tax ID # issued. I have opened a LLC checking account at a local bank and transferred funds into it. I can now purchase properties through my SDIRA LLC with checkbook control. One thing I forgot to mention... my custodian is IRA Services Trust Co. I believe IRA Financial Group will be offering this service as well. It wasn't available yet when I started the process.

Good luck!


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