Need Texas Real Estate Lawyer for Lease Option Contracts

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I've talked to a highly motivated seller, and he's agreed to do a lease option with me. I've also found tenant buyers who love the house and want to get in it. The next step is getting all of the contracts done once the seller and I agree on terms and price. 

I know the basics but I really want top be sure I do it legally and correctly.  For this, I could really use the help of a real estate attorney in Texas. Please recommend any good ones you've worked with, or if you're on BP and you're an attorney, give me a shout. 

Hi @Brian Gibbons  

I went through John Jackson profile and i could not find any files. I am kinda looking for the right lease options contract for the state of Texas. As well as experience real estate Attorney/Lawyer if you have any recommendations you have worked with before. Please let me know. 

Thank you for the quick reply and the info.


Victor Maas from SAREIA in San Antonio is an attorney experienced in investing.  He is a BP Pro but I am new and don't know how to link him on this post.