In need of a CPA in the Seattle area!!

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Hi! My mom and I are new to investing and new to Bigger Pockets. We are looking for some help and guidance.

Right now, Does anyone know of a good CPA in the Seattle/Tacoma area that works with real estate investors?


@Dominique Paller Don't feel like you have to use someone local. Many of us have clients all over the US, and even internationally. This is due to the fact that real estate investors need a CPA with this niche knowledge that can provide with them with tailored, holistic advice. You may not find a local CPA who is an expert in real estate tax and accounting AND invests themselves.

If you are set on using someone local, I'd look at connecting with a local REIA and asking for referrals there. Or you can contact your state CPA board and ask them to refer you.

Hope this helps!