Chicago Market Real Estate Attorney

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Hey guys, I;ve been a member of the site for a few months, mostly doing reading rather than posting, but am looking for advice as I'm getting closer to purchasing my first property. 

Not sure the protocol here on the forums for recommending specific individuals but was hoping for a couple rec's for real estate attorneys in downtown Chicago. Specifically, (not sure that it makes any difference) I'm pursuing an FHA loan purchase so it would be ideal if he/she has experience with those particular contracts. Thanks in advance for any help

So, you're looking "for real estate attorneys in downtown Chicago".

Do you mean an attorney whose office is in downtown Chicago?

... or is downtown Chicago your farm area?

Sorry for my confusion - just want to know if a recommendation I might have would be suitable for you.

@David Dachtera  ideally looking for one whose office is located in downtown Chicago, as that is where I live, and thus deals with the city market. But if you know of one who is in the suburbs but still works with investors in the city that would be great.

@Mark Ainley thanks for the rec! I will reach out

@Rusty Whitney there are many good real estate attorneys in Chicagland who can help you close a purchase. If you're going to be investing in Chicago for the long-run, you'll want to build a relationship with an attorney who understands investing. The same is true for finding an agent, contractor, etc. Think of them as members of your team.

As an attorney and an investor in Chicago, I can give you some good recommendations. Feel free to PM me. 

Any recommendations specifically for apartment buildings in South Chicago? We have two deals under contract and would like to run things by an experienced attorney in Chicago. Thank you