I'm a newbie. Just a couple months after buying a SFR investment property in Texas, I was served a lawsuit. My understanding is that a company that once owned the land that the entire neighborhood was built on lost the land to foreclosure in 1990 and is now suing all 400 landlords (myself included) in the neighborhood saying the foreclosure was not lawful and that the land is theirs. My Title insurance appears to be handling it. I notified them quickly and they told me that they will be using their attorney on the case.

Is there any advice one could give me as this plays out?  Should I get anything specific in writing?  I have been trying to communicate everything with email so I have record of them saying that they received my notification in a timely manner, though they seem to respond in very short ways without really saying much.  My main concern is that I must reply to the civil summons within 21 days of being served and I want to make sure that can happen ...though I don't really know what that entails and I think it requires me to rely on the title insurance company to prep the lawyer in time for my response.  Should I have my own lawyer?  ...should I be submitting my own response to their attorney?  

Thanks for any advice (in non-legal jargon please).