Attorney Referral for Tacoma, WA

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Does anybody in the Tacoma, WA, area have an attorney they would recommend who knows real estate law and LLCs? I  currently own 4 duplexes in the area, and am actively looking to acquire a few more. I've read several strategies for how to separate my personal finances from my business and am ready to get serious about this topic (the only protection I have currently is a $1M personal umbrella policy). I'm not sure how to go about finding good, reliable, affordable legal advice. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick responses! I made an appointment with McFerran for next week. My wife, who is a real estate agent, says McFerran has been involved with several short sales, it sounds like they have a solid reputation among realtors. I set-up an LLC already but am not sure how to move my properties under the protection of the LLC. They charge $150 for an hour-long consultation. Wish me luck!

We met with McFerran, they have a pretty nice "consulting" price, I can't recall the cost but it allows you to ask whatever you want for up to an hour and get some general information and guidance. It was really helpful, got us to realize that you only need protection if you have assets or cash that would be at risk, and turns out nearly all of our assets are tied up in either retirement funds or mortgages, so we have very little risk at the time (I guess that's a good thing?). I'd give McFerran 5 stars and would highly recommend them.