Joint Venture Template Question

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Hello BP, does anyone have a joint venture agreement template that they could share or possibly  a website that they use for their legal forms. I'm searching out partners to joint venture our next fix and flip and I'd like to put together a packet to give to them. Thank you

Veronica, IMO you're putting the cart before the horse. My recommendation is to negotiate (if you have prospective JV partners) or structure the terms (if you don't). A good real estate attorney can draft up a JV agreement based on a term sheet outlining key T's and C's.

This issue has been presented recently on BP. Do a search on JV Agreement or something some such thing.

Reading some JV templates on the BP forum would be helpful to familiarize yourself with structure but you and your partner(s) will need to come to agreement on a whole host of terms and conditions. JVs in my experience are like deals - they can be structured in any number of ways depending on the goals and abilities of the parties involved.

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