Searching for RE-savvy CPA in Hawaii

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Aloha BP!

Would anyone know of or recommend a CPA that knows tax strategies for real estate? Even though I don't have a property yet, I am currently in the process of obtaining one as we speak and I figured that a person who knows how to shield as much earnings from taxes as possible would be a great member for my team. I've listened to Amanda Han's podcast a few times and I'm sure there would be a bunch of items that I would forget to write off. Focusing all of my efforts towards the "one thing" which for me is obtaining properties to achieve financial success would be much better than me trying to learn the different tax laws. For that, I would much rather acquire a loyal team member to assist with that aspect of my RE strategy. Thank you all in advance.

@Dean U. yes she was on the BP podcast, twice. Very informative and creative. It made taxes seem interesting to say the least. I'd love to meet up with you man. I'll shoot you a text to reschedule because tomorrow night may not be a good time.

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