Energy efficient building advantages

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Aside from the 179D is anyone finding financing or tax benefit/credits for energy efficient projects?  Thanks in advance

@Terence King , I just saw this. PSE has some great incentives. We had a bunch of lighting replaced with LED for a fraction of what it would normally cost. Lakeview in Lakewood has some incentives but they don't seem to be well funded.

thanks Seth,  we we're able to get a nice 179d deduction, paperwork is going through now on buildings we completed in Prior years.

How exactly does that work? We are making an offer on a 90 year old building that needs upgrades... how does this work?

My company designs and builds buildings, bridges...etc.  The majority of our contracts are for the Department of Defense however the 179D deduction is related to energy efficient projects.  In order to take the deduction you have to hire a firm that specializes in preparing these deductions to do the study on your projects and then the paperwork to file with your returns.  You can go back several years if you have other projects that were never claimed.  Assuming that you meet the criteria for the deduction you can get up to $1.80 / sf as a taxable deduction.  If you or your company has done some energy efficient buildings or improvements to buildings it's worth looking into.  

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