Looking for a lawyer and CPA in Asheville, NC area.

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I am looking for a lawyer and CPA in Asheville, NC area. If you are or can refer a lawyer and CPA in this area to assist/consult me and my business partner please contact me.  We would like someone to help in forming, drafting operating agreement, and consulting us on legalities and tax code. I can find any random lawyer and CPA to assist us, but am hoping to find someone either an investor themselves or intimately knowledgeable in small business and real estate investing- so I'm posting here. I appreciate any interested parties or recommendations! Thanks!

Hi Robert,

I suggest you check in with the Carolina Real Estate Investors Association, (aka, CREIA). They are based in the Asheville/Hendersonville area. They can refer you to a number of folks and then you can pick out the ones that fit you best.  Their web site is creianc.org

Good Luck

PS. - They are non-profit, so minimal cost to pick their brains.

John Miller at 68 Market Street is the best lawyer I've found in town. He's great.  

I use Brandon Smith in Greenville, SC for my accounting- he specializes in REI and is pleasantly helpful and responsive. He has many NC clients and is quite familiar with NC law.

BP's wacky forum won't let me post their contact info though  :(

Happy investing  :)

I have a few friends in NC. One of whom I HIGHLY respect. Shoot me over a PM and I can give you some information.

You definitely need someone qualified, does not have to be a CPA, could be an Enrolled Agent or an attorney. Just make sure they specialize in tax and have significant experience dealing with real estate investors.

Here is a great list of questions to ask a potential accountant: http://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/51/topics/7044...

Also check out the www.NAEA.org page in your search. It should help you find someone local. If someone comes to me, I'll send them your way.

If you need help in your search or want to verify something don't hesitate to ask.

For example: I have clients worldwide and things are just as easy as I e-mail them, talking on the phone. I even use Skype and TeamViewer to communicate with clients so I'd highly recommend looking for one of the best with great references that interviews well with you.

So look for someone you can connect with that works out for your situation.

Feel free to ask here if you have questions

Hey Robert,

I have used a couple different attorneys in Asheville. I personally like smaller firms as you get a more personal relationship.

Clement Law is my recommendation. Eva is great, she is very reasonable, easy to communicate with and very helpful.

I can also share which firms to steer away from. Feel free to PM me.

Hope this is helpful.

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