Looking for CPA and Lawyer in Boise / Twin Falls Area

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We're looking for CPA who is well versed in Real Estate in Idaho and preferably Alaska. Same with a Lawyer, Would be preferable if they had a good knowledge of Idaho and Alaskan law. We are looking for help in Boise or Twin Falls. We're just getting into real estate investing and have a possible deal we're doing in AK. Would like to get a team put together ASAP. We want to do everything right and the smartest way from the beginning. 

Thanks! Carly 

Hi Carly,

I recommend Erik Bolinder of Exceed - Strategic Legal Counsel for an attorney. He has decades of experience but only just opened his own practice, after serving at a major firm in town and has been more accessible and knowledgeable than some others. PM me for his info, as desired or search by his full practice name and you'll find one Yelp review and a holder/temp site.

You're welcome to mention my name if you reach out to Erik.

Neal Colborn also is good. Both recently spoke to various investor groups in Boise. 

I recommend that your accountant be in your hometown and I don't know any in Twin.

Happy Investing!

StacyA McBain

Swope Investment Properties

Carly and Stacy...

I'm looking for the same thing. Could you send any contact information you get my way? Thank you in advance!

Hi @Carly M. Online Accounting works with clients across the nation and specializes in Real Estate.  They are located in Eagle Idaho.  PM me and Im happy to share their contact information.


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