Lowering property tax assessment?

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Is there a general process for applying to lower my property tax assessment? I recently bought two MFHs for far lower than the assessment value and far lower than the sellers paid. Is this something that's locally determined? I asked my lawyer about it and got some convoluted answer about the assessment lagging a year or two behind values--how it's based on a year or two ago and not current or some malarkey like that. Is that true?

What's been the general process from your perspective?

Many thanks.


process is in favor of the state/city. always. 

no lawyer wanted to take any of my 30 houses. they all said "seems about right". how they make money when they dont take any work.....i am not sure.

i fought two cases. paid hundreds. barely got a reduction to cover the cost i spent. and that's just for 2 yrs... its going up in 2 yrs.

you just have to suck it, like the rest of us.

Interesting. Thanks @George P. I guess I got the impression it was a common thing because everyone associated with the transaction was like "oh, just appeal that after you close." I suppose people will ebulliently tell you whatever you want to hear during a purchase.

I'd appreciate hearing of cases where this did successfully work out and how you did it.

Well that's rather discouraging.

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