Washington DC attorney for eviction

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I would like to move back into my home in Washington DC. House has been rented out for a 10  years  to the same tenant, want to be sensitive yet efficient. Can give 4 months notice if need be?

Please refer a good landlord attorney.

Thank you

Does the tenant have a lease? You can't just kick out a tenant if they are paying and have a lease. If there is no lease then it is month to month, you would have to give the tenant 30 days notice before terminating the month to month tenancy. 

Easier said than done.  You are talking tenant friendly DC.  If you want to evict a tenant I think you have to show reason.  I don't think a letter giving 30 days notice will be enough for a savvy renter.

Thank you for your help. DC is very tenant friendly. Would give 4 months if needed to move, but i guess 60 day notice.

The reason im moving in. Second home and office. Close to work and my small investment business. Now 85 miles one way at night.

Thanks again

Am i on the right trac?  Harder to see driving its dangerous also. Mountains in the winter are beautiful though.

If you have a valid reason you just have to go through the steps to evict.  The renters will think you are trying to sell and that is when the whole TOPA thing kicks in.  If you are not trying to sell TOPA will not be a problem.

i heard something about TOPA law. I will work on it while it is sn office and redidence 3 or more dsys a week.

sorry dont know what happened to the spelling

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