Looking for a SF Bay Area CPA specializing in Solo 401K's

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Can anyone recommend a CPA that works with clients managing their own self-directed 401K retirement accounts? Just starting out with my SD401K and ready to connect with a professional for tax strategy and filing.

I live in Lafayette, so looking for someone preferably in Contra Costa County. 

@Jason Jennings

I don't know anyone in that area but  Amanda Han who is also here in California may be a good resource. @Amanda Han

@Jason Jennings I agree with @Mark Nolan . You shouldn't worry about physical proximity to your CPA. RE specific and solo401k knowledge are at a federal level for 99% of everything. You should find a CPA who knows those things. If they also happen to be near you, all the better.

@Linda Weygant is the CPA I use and she also invests with SDIRA and solo401k.

@Jason Jennings

I agree with @Bryan O. . Start with the knowledge and abilities you want in a CPA and then maybe filter by location. This becomes more important the more specialized the knowledge you're after tends to be.

I'm glad this question came out. It was my very next one. Thanks all.

Thanks for the mention, @Bryan O. .

@Jason Jennings - please let me know if you have any questions I can answer.  You can contact me via my profile listings.

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