Do I need to file address change?

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Hi friends,

I have registered a corporation in Illinois.

Before I put the address of the company at my home. Now I would like to change the address of my company to another place, do I need to file any report to the Secretary of State of Illinois for this change or not? Where can I find this form of report?

Also, do I need to file the address change to IRS or not? What is the form to file address change?

Thank you for your help.

Hai Nguyen

@Hai Van Nguyen  

Do you have a LLC. If so then you must fill out a change of address for the LLC form LLC-1.36/1.37 to the Secretary of State. Its $25.00. I use my address for the registered agent and office. I also changed the address with the IRS.

Hope this helps. 

Thank you, Kenneth.

I have a C Corp, not the LLC.

Do you know any form for the corporation to file the address change to the Secretary of State and to IRS?


Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your share.


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