The account for a Checkbook IRA

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I've called my bank and they have no product to help me (and had no knowledge of what an SDIRA LLC is)...and maybe there is no option but thought I would check with others.

When establishing a checkbook IRA what do people do for the actual checking account...meaning,

If I have 200k that I want access to I understand the steps required to establish this SDIRA but I hate to leave 200k in a checking account and earning nothing or very nearly nothing in investment interest...I will have the 200k sit there until I find the right investment, maybe the investment doesn't use the entire 200k, and/or then there is the money coming back in from rents I don't really want that to sit either.

I do realize that I can buy other investments via this account but what is the best way to do so while still remaining liquid so I can pull the trigger on the right opportunity is there a banking product 

Thanks, b